Forest Theme Baby Shower

Forest Theme Baby Shower

Between Pinterest and Google I was able to gather some great ideas for my sister’s forest themed baby shower in the spring of 2013.

I gave her a couple of invitation options based on some different things that she found online.  (She chose the one with the tree that my husband designed)

Invite Forest theme baby shower

Shower invite brown owls

For party favors, we were searching for something inexpensive yet nice.  I found flower pots at Ikea for $.49 each and picked up 24-packs of Begonias at Home Depot for about $12. I had a bag of soil already (it didn’t take much) and added a popsicle stick with a thank you note.

Baby shower plant favor

Baby shower plant favors

Then we made these double as table decorations along with some chunks  from a cedar log that we had laying around and a bit of Spanish Moss.  Huge kudos to a couple of my aunts that set these up before the shower began!

Baby Shower table decorations

We also used the logs to decorate the Fingerprint Tree table.  Instead of having a book for everyone to sign, I printed a leafless tree onto a piece of card stock and had everyone use gold, silver, or brown ink to place a fingerprint “leaf” on the tree.  At the end of the shower, I framed the tree and sent it home with my sister to hang on the nursery wall.

Baby Shower Fingerprint Tree Table

Instead of games, we let everyone paint blocks and decorate onsies, or just visit with friends and family.  It worked out great and everyone had a great time.

Baby Shower Blocks

My cousin’s daughters had a great time setting these up to be painted!

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