Sign Visibility for High Impact

Two of the most frequent questions I am asked about banners are “How far away can it be read?” and “What colors show up best?”.  Using some of the tables that we keep in the office, I put together a chart that will help you make a more informed decision for your banner advertising.

Letter visibility chart

This chart shows the distance different sized text can be read.  It is based on using a block letter and text and background colors that have high contrast, such as a black letter on a white background.

Space available banner

The best colors for a text banner are a white or yellow background with black or red text.  This is an example of a 3’x10′ banner with 13″ tall letters.  If this banner was within a few feet of a street with a 45 MPH speed limit, the drivers passing by would have approximately 8 and a half seconds to read it.  Keeping the information brief also makes it much easier for people driving by to understand your message.

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    Great provided some information I had always wondered about.
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