Forest Theme Baby Shower

Forest Theme Baby Shower

Between Pinterest and Google I was able to gather some great ideas for my sister’s forest themed baby shower in the spring of 2013.

I gave her a couple of invitation options based on some different things that she found online.  (She chose the one with the tree that my husband designed)

Invite Forest theme baby shower

Shower invite brown owls

For party favors, we were searching for something inexpensive yet nice.  I found flower pots at Ikea for $.49 each and picked up 24-packs of Begonias at Home Depot for about $12. I had a bag of soil already (it didn’t take much) and added a popsicle stick with a thank you note.

Baby shower plant favor

Baby shower plant favors

Then we made these double as table decorations along with some chunks  from a cedar log that we had laying around and a bit of Spanish Moss.  Huge kudos to a couple of my aunts that set these up before the shower began!

Baby Shower table decorations

We also used the logs to decorate the Fingerprint Tree table.  Instead of having a book for everyone to sign, I printed a leafless tree onto a piece of card stock and had everyone use gold, silver, or brown ink to place a fingerprint “leaf” on the tree.  At the end of the shower, I framed the tree and sent it home with my sister to hang on the nursery wall.

Baby Shower Fingerprint Tree Table

Instead of games, we let everyone paint blocks and decorate onsies, or just visit with friends and family.  It worked out great and everyone had a great time.

Baby Shower Blocks

My cousin’s daughters had a great time setting these up to be painted!

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Sign Visibility for High Impact

Two of the most frequent questions I am asked about banners are “How far away can it be read?” and “What colors show up best?”.  Using some of the tables that we keep in the office, I put together a chart that will help you make a more informed decision for your banner advertising.

Letter visibility chart

This chart shows the distance different sized text can be read.  It is based on using a block letter and text and background colors that have high contrast, such as a black letter on a white background.

Space available banner

The best colors for a text banner are a white or yellow background with black or red text.  This is an example of a 3’x10′ banner with 13″ tall letters.  If this banner was within a few feet of a street with a 45 MPH speed limit, the drivers passing by would have approximately 8 and a half seconds to read it.  Keeping the information brief also makes it much easier for people driving by to understand your message.

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Couples Baby Shower BBQ Invitations

BBQ Baby Shower

BBQ Baby Shower

One of my favorite new trends in baby showers is couple baby showers.  I think Dad is often forgotten when it comes to becoming a parent to a new baby and according to the US Census, the number of Dads that are the primary caregivers for their children under 15 is on the rise.  So I totally love it when my friends and family throw couples showers.  And, living in Texas, what’s better than having a BBQ party?!  Here are some fun invitation ideas for a barbecue themed baby shower.

Baby Shower Invitation Cowboy

Couples Baby Shower BBQ

Baby Shower Invitation BBQ


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